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Financial Control

Having a true picture of where your business stands Financially is vital if a business is going to succeed. Having this knowledge will allow you to understand your business better and give your business an advantage over less well run business’ which could include your competitors.

We can highlight the possible opportunities Once you accounts are up to date we can help you to achieve this by using the following the following tools:
  • Credit Control: Do you know how much your customers owe you at any given time? Is the information you hold on debtors accurate? Do you have a good relationship with your customers? Are you still supplying customers that owe you a lot of money?
  • Cashflow: Managing your spending is just as important as collecting the money from your customers. We can give you up to date creditor information so that you can stay on good terms with your creditors and manage your cashflow effectively. If large purchases need to be bought then we can advise on when the best time might be to make these purchases.
  • Profit and Loss: Do you have any idea whether your business is likely to make a profit this year? Having a forecast will allow you to see where potential savings can be made. We can help to look at your profit and loss to identify potential cost savings but also to allow you to capitalise on opportunities as they arise. This might include looking at your pricing structure so that you are making a profit even after the overheads come off. Regular profit and loss reports will also allow you to see how your business is doing and why.